Saturday, April 03, 2010

Office cabinets and mirrors and lekker boerenkool

I went for my first house party last night in Rotterdam. It was a rainy walk for about 10 minutes down the road but luckily not that cold. Had fun, will post pics up a bit later.

Last weekend, we were still in search for the perfect office cabinet. Biked to the Nieuwe Binnenweg in the city to have a look.

We didn't find anything in the way of office cabinets, but we did find a strange store whose owner must've been so totally in love with India or something. The whole store smelt like incense and was filled with exotic, colourful trinkets and old furniture. There was a really cute Dachschund in there who had dropped his ball into one of the baskets and couldn't get it out.

We then biked back towards the centre of town to visit the more mainstream stores. Went into SIA where I found a mirror that suited our requirements - wood, tall and narrow enough. So we bought it.

And struggled home with it.

What made carrying that heavy thing back on a bike was the extremely strong winds that day. I think I nearly swerved violently once while biking, and Schrobbenmaster nearly went sideways with the heavy mirror while walking home.

That night, we had traditional Dutch boerenkool for dinner. I must say that although I'm not a huge fan of it, Schrobbenmaster had made it very nicely that night. Heel lekker!

I can't eat too much potato or I feel too bloated, so I asked for a smaller portion.

Look at the difference between both our portions!

Schrobbenmaster's plate looks like a theme park.

And now I leave you with a really, really cute photo!


schola said...

those 'rocks' looks so comfy..... hahaha
don't you just miss your car... i think we're so spoilt ... we don't walk or bike anymore in malaysia

shoobaba said...

I know, right?! I want a bunch of those rock pillows! They'd fit so well in one corner of the living room.

I do miss my car and driving around. Walking is all fine and dandy, but I do get tired of seeing the same scenery, and knowing that I HAVE to see and go the same way for the first 5 minutes every time I go out. Dunno if that's understandable.

Biking is good, it's quick. But it's cold and my bike always threatens to fall over if I turn too sharply :P