Saturday, January 15, 2005

Things I hate about other blogs

Wow some people really work hard at their blogs. All the coding and extra giz-giz-gizmos they use. Whew! And somehow I have a feeling these people are all under 19. Figures, doesn't it?

And they're already so "misunderstood" so "depressed about life" and "wondering if life is worth it".

PUKE PUKE. What a bunch of idiots.

I did get a really cool link from this "Kelly Osborne-esque, misunderstood, angry at my papa" blog which is Check it out to put music on your website!

Another thing I hate about other people's blogs is when they keep putting... words... like this... in sentences... because... they just... feel so damn... misunderstood... unloved... depressed... alone in this world... and just had the most horrible January in the history of mankind.

You suck!! Get out and make your life a life!! :P I really hate it when people feel self-pity. I wish I didn't have to enter those blogs, but unfortunately... a lot of the blogs out here on blogger are like that.

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