Saturday, January 22, 2005


GRRR... what's this, man?? Someone just emailed me and said they didn't know they'd bid on my item. They bid accidentally??! Hello? Can anyone be that BLUR? And then they have the audacity to say sorry for ANY inconvenience. Oh yeah it's just soooo simple to retract a bid, right?

Well, here's a newsflash for you, Walter Kronkite...


Quite frankly, it's impossible. Once you bid, you bind yourself to a legal contract with the seller! They remind you of this so many times on eBay... what did this fool do? Just simply click click CLICK on BID? Confirm BID? OMG... stupid jerk. What a waste of my time.

And what's more, that item had 11 bids on it! What does the idiot think I'm going to do just because he accidentally and unknowingly bid? Just say it's fine, let me relist it? For goodness' sake! How unfair to the other genuine bidders and ultimately unfair to MOI, if I have to lose all those bidders!

Okay I'm still upset, but here's another thing... I've lost my voice! I woke up this morning with half a voice, a throat lump and a bullet in my head. And I'm singing in church tomorrow! And I've got a verse to sing solo! Aaaahhhh..... hopefully it comes back by tonight.

(Actually, I have to admit I did have a lot of chocolate shortbread cookies, but that was before I knew I'd be singing this week!)


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