Saturday, January 15, 2005

Difficult to read?

Oh wow I just realised my blog is so difficult to read especially when I write loads and loads in one paragraph. Was just reading another blog with the same template and boy, did I NOT want to read it! Only if the posts are really interesting/useful... which mine are, of course... but... um... gotta cater to those with weaker eyesight, right? Right, so I'll change my template... NOW!! Hehe... yeah... won't be so cool and dark anymore, but it'll be easier to read!


My links and flooble have disappeared!! BOOOOOHOOOO.....

Everyone whose links to my blog were displayed here, please please leave your urls on my comment page so I can add you again! Thank you thank you..... also if anyone else would like to be listed on this blog, do give me your url.

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