Thursday, January 20, 2005

Baker Street

Elementary, my dear Watson!!

Yep, I did some baking last night. I attempted to reproduce my own version of the most heavenly Marks & Spencer's All Butter Chocolate Bites! Here's the chronology of events in pictorial format.

Well, it turned out a bit salty, probably cuz of the butter... but generally it tastes quite good. I added chocolate chips as well so it helps make it sweeter. Well my next batch should be better!
I bought a book and a CD yesterday : Bergdorf Blondes and Hed Kandi Winter Chill. When I bought that album, the guy said I was outdated cuz it's from 1999! Sheesh... good music is still good right? And so far Bergdorf Blondes seems good... first 2 chapters. Will keep you guys updated on it in case you want to purchase the book hehe...

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