Monday, January 17, 2005

Remodeling Bathrooms

I'm gonna remodel my bathroom and I have a few ideas on how to go about it. Just have to keep it way under budget so I can spread the money to other areas of the home. I'm now browsing this website which looks quite extensive and has a lot of info.

Bathroom Wish List #1
  1. A pull string for the light instead of a switch.
  2. A whole entirely new toilet with a half flush and full flush button.
  3. A door or some sort of barrier to stop water coming out of the shower and onto the floor outside.
  4. A way to keep the toilet floor dry always.
  5. More mirrors?
  6. A new water heater and a new powerful shower head.

This afternoon I went to a jeweller's to watch my sisters get their ears pierced. There was a lady there with really big legs, but even worse, she was wearing low quality purple stockings and I could see the ladders and runs on them. But the worst was that I could see her leg hair through it. Long and dark and clumped in areas. Terrible, eh?? What a sight.

I'm also feeling awfully and terribly upset at someone. GRRRRR... I don't want to go into further details but if drastic measures have to be taken, I WILL do it! I can't take this much longer.


Anonymous said...

awww...i used to work in a DIY store that sold everything you could want for a bathroom...I could get discount too :(

Pocky Man

shoobaba said...

Haha! Yes Pocky Man, and I'm sure if you were still working there you'd post the toilet bowl and the glass sink all the way here! HEHE!