Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Wish List #2

It crossed my mind to say My Wish List #1.1 but I figured it was too nerdy HEHE.

Okay, so here it is! I've managed to fulfill numbers 7 and 8 on the first one so my aspiration meter is quite full. Gold, though, not Platinum. People who play The Sims 2 will know what I'm talking about.

  1. More Calvin and Hobbes!
  2. Air ticket to England
  3. Debt to my mom erased
  4. A new branded PC
  5. An Apple iBook/PowerBook or plain Apple computer (just for style)
  6. Purple/Pink handbag from Cats Whiskers (can't decide which colour)
  7. Another trip to Paris
  8. Trip to Amsterdam/Stockholm/Venice/Prague
  9. More money
  10. A job for Grandpa G
  11. A really good book to read

Maybe you're wondering why I haven't had any new opinions to talk about recently. In fact, I did, but by the time I reached the computer I got lazy. I'll just roughly write it down quickly now.

At church last Sunday the priest was talking about how we're so unaffected by the tsunami disaster and something about how not-good it is. So we should think about what the victims suffered and feel sorry for them blablabla.

Well, in my mind, I was thinking that if it were an open debate I'd stand up and say that I don't agree. I think that we should not focus on the bad but on the good. Which is that we're STILL ALIVE! We should be thanking God that we're all still alive and healthy (or even unhealthy but alive). Naturally we feel that the disaster was awful and tragic but we should help how we can and not dwell on it. Will that bring the victims back? Will the injured suddenly heal faster? I don't THINK so!

But the right thing to do is :

  1. Pray for the souls of the dead and for those injured or lost
  2. Donate as much money as we can to help the general building back of the cities (they are not rich countries affected, which makes this tragedy worse)
  3. Donate money for the children
  4. Donate money for the hospitals
  5. Thank God we are alive!
  6. Thank God for the many blessings we have and the fact that we can wake up every day and choose whether or not to eat breakfast.

Make every second enjoyable! Don't just let it pass by while we're thinking of the next minute.

Oh, which reminds me of an experience I had when I was younger.

You know how when you were in your late teens and you liked to go out till late but you weren't allowed to? So once I was out late and I felt really worried that I'd be screamed at when I got home and I was worrying and stressing the entire journey home, but once I reached the entrance of my apartment, I thought, "There's no point in being stressed before the thing happens. Just enjoy the moment of peace I have right now!" So I did.

And guess what... my dad was asleep when I got home and he never scolded me! So not only is worrying about the future pointless and tiring, it's just not worth it and there may be nothing to worry about anyway!

And, by the way, it didn't only happen once, so it wasn't a one-off. Believe it!

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