Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cute white guys, A**hole drivers and Bangsar!

I just saw 2 cute white guys at the post office! Very nicely golden tanned with surfer outfits. Unfortunately whenever I see such nicely tanned people I always wonder if they'll get skin cancer in the future.

"Wow they're kinda cute. What a sexy tan! Oh hmm... I wonder if they'll get skin cancer next time. Hmm... not such a good prospect for a future partner then."

Very unromantic I know.

Reckless drivers! Don't we all know about them? I experienced one today. We were turning at a bend and he totally overtook me, he was so close I had to squeeze to the left and I couldn't honk him because I was concentrating so hard on not scraping the barrier on the left and his car on the right! What was the whole rush about, IDIOT??! His number plate was PCW 6089 or 6039. A maroon coloured old Hyundai Sonata looking car. If you see it, beware! IDIOTIC DRIVER INSIDE who doesn't care a monkey's ass about you and your tiny expendable vehicle.

Anyway, I really feel like going out to Bangsar and having a sitdown and a drink somewhere relaxing with a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately I don't know who to call. Plus, I don't really have money to throw around. Still, if someone was willing... anyone wanna ask me for a drink?

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Anonymous said...

Skin cancer? you ponder on things like that all the time, your gonna have a hard boring life lol

I would say 90% of the worlds population, likes to sit in the sun. And very few get skin cancer.