Saturday, January 22, 2005

Highly recommended site!

My friend Lap Sap (sorry, man! I always use nicknames!) recently emailed me this website which he highly recommended. I do find it highly amusing and not at all nonsensical and idiotic like some other blogs other people recommend (like that xiaxue's). I'm not against her, but really, she writes about trivial, itty bitty things which is really good for a twice a year visit, but not every day.

This site is written by an American teacher in Japan and his experiences with the kids and fellow teachers. It is indeed, very entertaining.

Visit it here! NOW!

HAHAHA!!! I just continued reading after I posted the above paragraphs, and boy oh boy, this site is not AMUSING, it's HILARIOUS! I can't believe I'm laughing at my laptop screen - but I am! My favourite is "Rico Suave Meets Velma". Although I'd recommend you to read his posts in order, to get into his writing style and character. Personally, I started from the last post to the first.

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