Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh yeah, MUSIC!

After an excruciating amount of time, I finally found a way to add streaming audio without purchasing any software. I know it's an old code, but it isn't easy to find in this modern day of "too lazy to hard code". Plus, it's good to get an mp3 file that's small enough to stream. I hate MIDIs!

And by the way, the music I play is completely and legally bought and just ripped for the public's listening pleasure.

If anyone who reads this blog regularly has any suggestions for new music to be streamed here, do leave a comment!

HRH Prince Harry and the SWASTIKA!! HOHOHO...

I had a lot to say this morning about the Prince Harry/Swastika issue, but somehow it's all just fizzled out. I guess I just want to add my 2 cents' worth that basically, the world has better things to debate on. And that he really should have thought that just maybe photos of him would leak out, so he should still be cautious about what he wears even to a private party. But basically, can the world just move on and stop talking about what he wore?

There are some really interesting and good comments on what people think on It's a real balance, but generally, what I found was that most Brits don't give a baboon's ass and it's basically the Americans who decide to suffer for other people. HEHE.

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Anonymous said...

I dont really pay attention to any of the royal family..they bore the hell outa me.
And americans take stuff far too seriously.