Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Being optimistic

After quite an uneventful weekend, all I can say is : "Two days nearer to Grandpa G's arrival!".

Let's see, on Saturday, I went to mass to sing with the band's choir... unfortunately, I'd lost my voice and it just came back that day, so I had to push the microphone away :( After that, I stayed back to help with decoration jobs for the Life Teen party. I only came home at midnight, and boy, was I tired! Because of that, I upset poor Grandpa G by calling him dense! I'm such a mean, mean human being.

Ms Loong did say that if I'd said that to any other guy from here, they probably wouldn't be offended because they wouldn't know the meaning of 'dense'. HMM... half true, I'd say.

Sunday night was at La Bodega in Bangsar to play board games. It was sooooo quiet. And smoky. I didn't realise it till I got into my car and my car started to stink up instantly. I had to have the windows down all the way home. My poor lungs... SOB!

Anyway, does anyone like the new song playing by Delerium? I've got loads more from them so if any of you like a particular song or artist, do leave some comments or requests.

Adios, cucarachas! HEHE.

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