Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I finally quit my job! I only lasted two and a half weeks there. Oh gosh, I'm such a quitter.

However, it gives me time to do more research on bathrooms (yippee!) and other projects (ahem!) I'm working on. They're a secret for now.

I shall follow my good friend Malaysian Devil and provide some foreign vocabulary to people who might need to use it in the future. HEHE...

Useful French Words
  • Shit! = Merde!
  • Idiot = Idiot (m) / Idiote (f)
  • Stupid = Stupide
  • You are too fussy! = Vous cherchez la petite bête!
  • I hate you, GRRR! = Je vous déteste, GRRR!

J'ai raison, M. Charloroco?

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