Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Goodputty! Things are great but others are sucky

I only just realised that the second anniversary of Goodputty Design has passed me by without me noticing!

I guess I should do something special to give clients who have supported me and all that jazz because studios tend to do that (as we are told in the countless expensive design books we purchase), but I don't wanna rush something out and do it for the sake of doing it. It just wouldn't come out right.

Happy 2nd birthday anyway!

I went out for dinner tonight looking for sizzling hot plate noodles, but couldn't find any in the shops near my place. MAYBE tomorrow at the Pavilion food court? I'm going to Pavilion tomorrow night to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It! How Thrilling. I'm actually being Bad and skipping bartending tomorrow just for that hehe. Well, it's Human Nature to choose fun over work, right? Okay, enough of the song names, I'm just making you roll your eyes.

Beat It.

On a side note, just for frachely (and anyone else interested), check out the music of GusGus. So far I've heard two songs and it's sounding good. Another one is Flunk.

Had another early morning today for Dutch class. Also, my uncle came over to help me fix my backyard tap. Well, he came to check it out and buy a new tap for me, and when I came home, I fixed it all by myself! How handy am I, huh?

Early morning, hence the tiredness in the afternoon. Took a really, really speedy nap of 10 minutes before dinner and I'm feeling much better for it. The creative juices seem to be filling up as well. All sorts of fancy ideas spilling out. How great is that?

I miss Schrobbenmaster because he's been working at Leiden Centraal for the past 2 days and will be there till Sunday. Sucks.


frachely said...

happy belated birthday!

Gary said...

Congratulations on Goodputty's success, you deserve it

shoobaba said...

Thanks a lot, guys!!