Monday, October 26, 2009

Clocks go back, Liverpool wins and Ultraman saves the day

Just a quick check-in before I head to dreamland. Yes, I do dream every night.

Nothing much different from the routine Sunday today. Took an enjoyable nap in the afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised to find out time was moving slower than I expected. Until I spoke to Schrobbenmaster who told me the clocks had gone back in Europe already. I was looking at my iPod, which is still on Amsterdam time so that I don't have to calculate what time it is in Europe, and thought that it was earlier here in KL. Gah, that extra hour had been snatched away from me.

I have dinner every Sunday with the dad and family, and tonight the aunt and cousins came over as well. It just happened that tonight was also a big night (or rather, afternoon) in the Premier League. My cousin, The Doktor, is a huge Liverpool fan along with my stepmum, but they were both overpowered by the Manchester United supporters in our living room.

Eventually, Liverpool won 2-0, so I know someone who'll have sweet dreams tonight!

I spent most of the game destroying bad guys with little Ultraman finger action figures with Baby Arran (okay, he's 3 years old, but he's the baby in the family). The bad guy we had to defeat was Royal Yelly controlling an Ultraman impostor, who was stuck in the Halloween Lift, which couldn't stop going up and down. After we destroyed him, my Ultraman hero got stuck in the Halloween Lift instead, and the bad guy was resurrected from the floor at our feet. But Baby Arran wouldn't have any of that, and promptly picked up the impostor, ran to the end of the living room and threw him on the floor where Royal Yelly couldn't resurrect him again.

Too complicated a storyline? Go back to your soap operas.

Time for some vocabulary studies then off to get some much-needed rest before a work meeting tomorrow.

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