Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy bee! MJ's This Is It and are Chinese men really crooked?

It's been a few days since I last posted, but I have been so busy the last weekend that I literally only opened my laptop for 2 hours on Sunday night out of the entire weekend.

It started with Saturday morning, getting up early for Dutch class, and facing a traffic jam that's worse than weekdays (seriously, what is happening??), then straight to Bangsar for dim sum with Mumsy Bumsy, Royal Yelly, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma. I gave a ride to my Dutch teacher to Bangsar and we had a nice conversation on the way over. In English though, otherwise I would probably have taken the wrong route back to Bangsar and ended up at KLIA.

I was scheduled to work at WIP that night, so when I got home I tried to get a couple hours of rest. I've been so tired the past week, no idea why.

On Friday night, though, Mumsy Bumsy's friend got tickets to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It at Pavilion, and I was really looking forward to it and seeing what he had planned for his fans on his last ever tour.

Well, unfortunately of course, he didn't even make it to the tour. But it was a really good watch. A documentary-style, behind-the-scenes film. It was matter-of-fact, it wasn't a tribute, nor like his memorial where everyone is partial towards MJ. This was straight documenting of his tour preparation, but of course with very brief statements from his dancers, directors and technical people about how he is/was like to work with. The dancers' parts were the most touching because they were so overwhelmed about being able to dance with him onstage. I'm sure not one of them needed to be taught the choreography for songs like Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Beat It and loads others!

On another note, I just heard a saying over the weekend that I've never heard before:
The only thing straight about a Chinese man is his hair.

Haha. Pretty true, I guess! Poor guy if he's born with naturally wavy hair then.

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