Sunday, October 04, 2009

Looking forward to home and food!

Word of the day: kalkoen = turkey

I think I'm actually looking forward to going home. Sitting on the train, passing by shops I recognise but never go to here, like Domino's Pizza, Subway... just reminds me of home and how I can eat all those things when I get back.

Food here is great. You just miss old habits.

I just realised that in my last post I talked about work. If some of you are not on my MSN or Twitter, this may have been a surprise and you might be wondering what's happening.

Well, two weeks ago, the designer at Schrobbenmaster's work went on leave for a week. They needed a designer urgently to design the layout of a festival newspaper (festival as in music festival, arts festival... not like Deepavali or Wesak Day kinda festival). So they pulled me in, and one week became two, and two weeks have now become 2 1/2 weeks.

Gettin' paid loads for it, which is awesome.

That's the story of my working here. Been having a Dutch lunch every day at work, sitting at a table with colleagues, eating bread and cheese... sometimes I get my favourite crab mayonnaise 'salad' which reminds me of kani mayo sushi I always buy from Jusco.

Man, I haven't had sushi in 3 months. 3 months!!

Yesterday was the first day I discovered sambal manis in a jar during lunch. I actually saw it before, but thought it might be too 'foreign' to have on my bread. But I had an adventurous lunch yesterday and decided to try it. It was amazing! I had it with butter on my bread and thinly sliced roast beef, then spread the sambal manis on top. So lekker!

Sitting on the train back from Amsterdam (work is in Amsterdam) now (oooh, just passed a huge Burger King sign) and feeling really hungry. Schrobbenmaster is making pannenkoeken tonight for eenbrauw Ruben and I, as a treat for his birthday tomorrow.

Youngster grows up! ;)

Yum yum yum... (obviously already thinking of food)...

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frachely said...

U know i suddenly realised that german's pronounciation is not that hard but the words are too long haha same for dutch!