Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work at WIP, eerste Nederlandse les and PHOTOS from Schrobbenmaster's birthday

See my dedication to my blog readers? All 3 of you? Okay, 4... no, 5 that I know of. How popular am I, huh?? Anyway, I was saying I was so dedicated to you guys because my right arm and shoulder is really sore, but I thought of you guys and how I entertain you when you're bored, or when you're on the train, or on the poopbox, or simply vegging out in front of the TV, reading during commercials.

Last night was my first night at WIP behind the bar and I was placed at the mojito station. Geez, we must've made nearly 150 to 200 mojitos last night? And it wasn't even as busy as it normally is. Muddling (crushing) the lime, mint and sugar together sure needs muscle power! I think I might be at a different section tonight though, as the bar manager wants me to learn everything asap. Also, it's really tiring standing up nonstop. If you're working the whole time, it's not so bad. But when you have to just stand and look attentive, gosh... my back really hurt a lot.

Incidentally, it's funny watching intoxicated grown-ups. And the westerners tend to be more subdued here compared to, say, in England. But that is probably because they're older here. And they also tend to drink alone more than Asians.

Yesterday was also my first Dutch class. It was fun. She went through exercises to see how much I already knew, and she said I was already pretty good in the basics. Well, I can tell you, I probably am the best at things to do with trains and train stations. She asked me to match 'de' and 'het' with the nouns in the exercise (they are similar to 'le' and 'la' for French nouns). And then she asked how I knew it was 'de trein' so confidently. Yaaah, if she only knew how much time I spent in train stations. Geez, the best Dutch sentence I know is probably, "The train to *insert place here* will leave from platform 5 at 5.30pm.".

Anyway, more photos from Dutchland. The weekend before I left for KL was Schrobbenmaster's birthday. I've already put photos up of our dinner at Azzia, where we went on his birthday itself. The day after, his parents came to Rotterdam to spend the day and have dinner.

Schrobbenmaster wearing the shirt we hunted high and low for, a gift from his parents. Finally found one that fit well and that suited his style in de Bijenkorf. Dutch brand from Amsterdam, just so happens.

The parents.

The menu.

First, we all got Dutch menus. Then Schrobbenmaster asked the owner for an English menu. And this is what I got. After staring at it for a couple minutes, I swapped it back for the Dutch menu. That one makes more sense. Tell me, what's a clams sailor's blouse? How are you supposed to order that and know what's coming out?

The next picture is just from a newspaper, with a headline I thought was cute. Cuz the spelling used is so un-English, it looked cute to me.

Maybe I should rename my blog: "Sjoebs Boebs".

Time to clean up the house. And hopefully not strain my arm any more than it is. I hope my dad's massage chair is working cuz my neck and shoulders seriously need some rubbing as well.


frachely said...

so are you gonna make me any drinks when I come visit you? nyehehe

shoobaba said...

can, i can make you vodka + orange :{P

(whoa i made a smiley with a moustache by accident! i'm a pioneer of the moustache smiley!)