Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"It's not my department" attitude at Tan Boon Ming. Bad!


I woke up this morning at 10.30am, without any alarm, which is really an improvement because ever since I came back I've been waking up at lunchtime if I don't set my alarm. I've been feeling really heavy and drowsy the past couple of days, but feeling much better now. Sleeping times may be going back to normal!

I went to the living room to check my phone if anyone had called. The washing machine is supposed to come within 1pm to 3pm today, but knowing delivery people, they'll always come when you least expect it. So I already half-expected to find a missed call on my phone. Which I did.

So I called the washing machine shop to ask if they'd called earlier. The guy was at lunch so the woman who answered asked me to call back. I asked if she could just tell him to call me back, and she says, "I think better you call back in an hour.".

So I tried asking about the call earlier. "I'm supposed to get a delivery at 1pm, but someone called me this morning..."

And she interrupted me and said, "Sorry, I'm not in charge of delivery.".


Well, they had better come today because I was really so excited about getting a new washing machine, and if I don't get it today, someone's gonna get an earful!!

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