Friday, October 16, 2009

Back in KL and everything's strange!

Well, I've been putting off writing a post, but since I'm rather bored right now...

I'm back in KL! And I've come home feeling quite surreal about everything, because everything looks so familiar, and yet I'm not used to it.

I used my hairdryer the other day, and only on the second usage did I remember that there are two settings, Low and High. Can't believe I forgot about that. The hairdryer I used in Rotterdam only had one setting and I'd gotten so used to that that I forgot all the old stuff!

This morning I made tea and when I was scooping the sugar out, I paused and wondered, "Do I use one or two sugars?". Can't believe I forgot that as well! In Rotterdam, we used the type of sugar jar that you turn upside down to get it out. And I always had 5 shakes of that in my tea. So I figured, it must be about two sugars in KL. Alas, it was only one, as I realised after drinking it.

Call me weird or whatever, but you just try it.

I've got loads of pictures to post as well.

Schrobbenmaster camwhoring in the Mexx store while waiting for me to try on some clothes. I hadn't done much shopping at all, so I was rewarding myself by going on a spree that day.

Cookies, glorious cookies! I really miss my dubbel chocolade cookie *sniff*. It was the most glorious cookie EVER. At least I have Beard Papa to compensate.

Ahhh... wonderful times. Shivering cold in the train station at Sloterdijk, waiting for the train home, eating my second double chocolate cookie of the day.

Okay time for some lunch (although it's 4.30pm right now). Gotta love jet lag... woohoo (especially when you don't have to work)!

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