Thursday, October 22, 2009

PHOTOS: Art class #2... such yonks ago

Since Schrobbenmaster gave me his old MacBook Pro, I've only been using it and neglecting my big old 24" iMac. Aww, poor thing. It's just so much more convenient using the MacBook when I wanna watch shows in bed, or want a change of scenery from the office to the dining table.

Anyway, Royal Yelly (formerly known as Yelleh Belleh) needed help with the scanner on the big iMac, so I decided to poke around in my old files. And once again found a folder with photos called Blog. And there's even a Blog 2! So I guess you folks can look forward to lots of pictures in the near future.

Wow, it feels like such a long time ago. These are photos I took of the kids doing one of my favourite lessons: filling up a cow with patterns and things they like. Encourages creativity.

One of my favourite students goofing around.

Her cow turned out very nice indeed. I think I may have lent her a hand somewhere in there, but on the whole, very nice. I always make my students fill everything with colour cuz I hate white space in artwork (let's not go into professional paintings and all that).

Egads, that boy, I remember him!! Very naughty, very noisy, impossible to control. But turned out to be an intelligent, creative boy (when it suited him). Yes I know, usually it's the intelligent kids that cause trouble. But their parents really have to teach them to respect authority at the same time. Can't just let them do whatever the heck they want! Especially when it disrupts other people's learning experience. Anaelle (above, my favourite student) is proof of that. Heh.

I can't really tell who this is. I had a couple of blonde little girls in my class. But I'm pretty sure it's my fave student. Joking around again. Maybe she's trying to be Wall-E. Note how she's taped her mouth shut. Kooky.

This is a really old photo. I did this lesson quite early on, blowing paint around to create shapes and patterns. In here he's creating a volcano. Which ended up really, really, really... quite awful.

Nothing special about this piece, except I like the way the colours mix at the bottom... those red, purple, yellow streaks are quite a turn-on to me. Kinky.

Okay, I DID have more students than just this girl, but I guess she was always the most interesting.

This is a really typical pose of hers. She's always so curious and so interested in everything. And she'll just open her mouth and ask straight out. Never rude though. Kudos to her parents. French parents.

This is another cute one who joined late. Extremely quiet, until she goes bonkers. I had her, for one whole class, keep repeating, "Where's my gum, yo?" gangsta-style, just cuz she liked the sound of it. Even some of the other students were asking her to stop. And then they got addicted to it too. Sigh.

I miss the kids, but I'm glad I'm not taking the class anymore. It was just too much work thinking up lessons every week that were interesting enough. I also wasn't getting paid as much as I should have been for the amount of time/work I put in. Well, maybe in Dutchland they'll value art lessons more and I can charge the equivalent of what my Dutch teacher is charging me!

(First Dutch class tomorrow, btw. Gotta wake up early, arrghh!)

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elleLee said...

i did think of doing the blowing paint with a straw thing but i keep getting reminded of my friend who sucked in black paint instead of blowing it out and he ended up crying exposing black teeth. haha!