Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day of errands, but a wasted one

How quickly it's become October 21st! Has it really been more than a week since I was thinking, "Oh noooo I have fly back to KL soon!".

I finally got my car back from the workshop, so I decided to run some errands today. When I go out, I like to do everything at one go, so I don't have to keep popping in and out. Such a waste of time and energy, especially when every time you step out of the door you start sweating.

So I lined up paying bills and buying new paint for my front door and a new lightbulb for my fridge on my list. First, I went to EON Bank to pay my internet bill over the counter. Yes, I know, it's quite stupid that I can't do it online. But they're only linked to three banks, none of which I use. And there doesn't seem to be a facility for Interbank Transfer. So inconvenient!

Thank goodness EON Bank was empty. Can't say the same for my experiences at RHB, Maybank and Public Bank though. Sometimes it's nice to use a bank that's not popular. Haha.

The guy at the desk was really helpful. He saw me holding my bill and recognised it, and he showed me where to get the form and what to fill in. And I spoke to him in Malay out of respect. I figure, if I'm in a fancy restaurant and the Malay staff attempt to speak English to me, I'll speak Malay to them when I'm in a public place. But generally, the staff in banks have reasonable English anyway, it's just that I think they appreciate it if we don't force English on them when we're all Malaysians anyway. Wow, what a big paragraph of being considerate, being a good neighbour and being friendly that was.

Anyway, it was a pleasant experience over the counter. Then I thought that since I'm in EON Bank, I may as well pay my car loan. Otherwise I normally have to rush to the bank, stop my car in the nearest (illegal) spot that's not blocking anyone and race to the cheque deposit machine so I don't get a ticket. Because the closest EON Bank to me is in Bangsar, and that place NEVER has any parking spaces available.

I even brought my chequebook with me to pay the car loan. Then I remembered that I had RM50 short of the amount I had to pay. Damn being broke! So I walked out and back to Bangsar Village, where I headed to the hardware store for my lightbulb and paint.

Of course they didn't have my lightbulb (no one seems to sell fridge lightbulbs, seems I have to go to one of those little hardware stores that stock up on all sorts of junk) and after spending 20 minutes choosing the colour of the paint I wanted, the shop assistant discovered that they'd run out of the base in which to mix my paint. And he said, "We've already ordered it and it should come tomorrow. Or the next day. Uh... by this week.".

That's the thing about having bad management. When you don't keep products in stock, you lose customers. Will I be going back tomorrow, the next day or by the end of the week? Of course not! I'll be going somewhere else for my lightbulb and paint, thank you very much. Next time, keep your products in stock, or don't sell them at all. A waste of space and a waste of time.

So having had a wasted journey in the rain today, I thought I should spend a few more minutes in BV at least buying something like food. So I went to Cinnabon to get a chocolate cinnamon bun, which used to be my favourite. Then I went to Village Grocer to get Lay's. When I discovered that it costs a ghastly RM16! Omg, why would I spend so much on junk food? Instead, I bought the Lay's Stax that's made in Thailand which is only RM7 (which is still a lot for junk food, btw). Doesn't look like Lay's, more like a smaller Pringles.

Anyway, then I came home and happily in anticipation heated up my cinnamon bun. And it was such a letdown! Hardly any chocolate and filling in it, it's such a waste of RM3.60. I would only pay RM1.50 for that. Beard Papa has NO competition whatsoever!

So until they improve their quality, or go back to what it used to be, I urge everyone to stop paying RM3.60 for NOTHING at Cinnabon!

Oh, but don't go to Beard Papa either, otherwise I'll have to wait in a long queue to get my puffs and cakes. Just... maybe not snack? Then the overweight problem can disappear on its own. Thanks to Cinnabon and me.

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frachely said...


actually there's a shop at liang court (sg) with better cream puffs than beard papa but they went bankrupt! (cuz the puff's bigger than beard papa yet cheaper)

there's another one at the same place though, really nice! more ex though! it's so popular u have to go real early during weekends cuz they don't take reservation!

ok i can write real long when it comes to dessert! hehe