Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My newspaper! My biggest project to date!

I woke up this morning wondering what day it is. "It must be Thursday because it feels like a Wednesday, and I always get it wrong. But wait a minute, I came back to KL last week, so I didn't miss one day of my life doing nothing (the Monday I spent at the Hotel Ibis), so it might even be Wednesday. Okay, let's retrace our footsteps... (and after 2 minutes)... oh, it's Tuesday today. Weird, it feels like the end of the week."

Yesterday, Schrobbenmaster arrived at the office and messaged me on Skype:

"Guess what I have in my hands?"

"Koekjes!!" Cookies. Wishful thinking, as even if he had my dubbel chocolade cookie, I wouldn't be able to eat it anyway.

Here's what he had...

My newspaper! It looks so much better in print. I'm really sick of seeing it on my computer screen by now, but seeing it for the first time actually printed out (even if I'm seeing the printout on my computer screen *ahem*) is really thrilling.

They've just printed about 70,000 copies (correction: 750,000 copies!) to be inserted into de Volkskrant newspaper and delivered to households everywhere or picked up at newsstands, and they'll also be distributing it at Leiden Centraal (train station where the festival will be held).

Mmm... I just love freshly-printed, neatly-stacked, tightly-wrapped bundles of paper. Especially when it's my design!

I'm so glad the front cover turned out looking better in print than onscreen. The front cover was actually the page I was most dissatisfied with. Mostly because I had to follow the use of the yellow background banner, which is the theme of the festival and applied to all banners and posters advertising it.

This dude kindly allowed Schrobbenmaster to snap a photo of him distributing the paper at Leiden Centraal. Oh golly oh golly, I can't wait to hold it in my hands.

Schrobbenmaster's dad reading the paper at home. How awesome to see people utilising something you've "made". By the way, Schrobbenmaster also contributed to the paper by snapping some portrait photos, like the one of the girl above.

Sometimes I think to myself, "Is it sad that I don't have a stable income yet at this time of my life?", but it really helps that the work I do has good exposure and I have such very interesting experiences to make up for lack of stability. This newspaper is definitely the biggest thing I've done to date and will be the most widely seen (plus the highest paid job I've EVER done, goodness, to think of it converted into RM is incredible) so I'm really happy I got the opportunity to do it. If my work wasn't so unstable I would probably never have been able to do something like this.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible, especially Schrobbenmaster :)

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