Thursday, October 22, 2009

PHOTOS: Working in Amsterdam and train journeys

Schrobbenmaster started his first job in September, and three weeks later, he came home and told me that his office needed a part-time designer for a week, as their full-time designer would be on holiday in Ibiza when a certain festival newspaper was supposed to be created.

So I said fine, that sounds great. It'll give me something to do and a little money on the side.

Well, one week turned into two weeks, which turned into two and a half, which ended as three. And only then because I already had to fly back to KL. I even met the poor designer who had gone to Ibiza and who then came back and had nothing to do for the two weeks I was there. Bah, that's life.

For those of you who aren't on my Twitter, here are photos of the office I was working in, in Amsterdam.

I started out by sitting at the designer's desk, which is right at the end of the office, all alone, until Schrobbenmaster joined the company.

Schrobbenmaster at his spot, and one of the bosses sitting in the special cubicle further back on the left.

The main entrance to Leiden Centraal, and the banners for the festival.

When the full-time designer returned from Ibiza, I shifted to the spot next to Schrobbenmaster and I started bringing my own laptop to work on. The screen is connected to it, and it was more useful having a larger screen to work on. It's currently showing the full program of the festival. That was the worst page to work on!

In Dutchland, people usually eat lunch in their office and they only get half an hour. The office orders food to be delivered, and everyone makes their own sandwiches or salad or whatever cold stuff there is. And drink milk. So healthy. In some offices, the employees pay a minimal amount monthly for the food, but in this company, they provided us with lunch.

Shown above is brown bread with... probably some sort of ham and some sort of strong cheese in it. They sometimes had crab mayonnaise which was like the kani mayo sushi I love to buy at Jusco. And only in the last few days I decided to try the sambal manis, which made me regret not having it sooner. It was so delicious! Turns out everyone else thought so too, and I only managed to eat it for 3 days.

In the train on our way back from work. That's a new shirt I'm wearing, actually the only long-sleeved top I had. I had gone out with the sole purpose of purchasing a long-sleeved top to wear to work. Also looked for boots because I was feeling rather loser-ish wearing my ballet flats with socks.

Egads! That's the program I'm working on again. Oh, wait a minute, no, Schrobbenmaster had requested to see it because he was organising something. And I was typing a blog post about the journey back home.

This is from another journey, when we were sitting in the cramped space just outside the main seating carriage and near the doors. We sometimes sit there when it's too crowded in the carriage, or we just want some privacy. It's not very comfortable though, as you can see.

Whoopee, ending here. Tired eyes.

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