Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Police abuse of power

Just came back from the IPK KL - Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen KL / Contingent Headquarters KL - ie. the KL police headquarters. Had a meeting with a top top police official, whose name I'm not sure I should say here. An extremely nice and friendly person.

My dad, me, Schrobbenmaster Rik and the top guy from NST met with this chief to report an incident which happened last Friday, February 20th.

I'm pretty tired of writing what happened, so just go read Schrobbenmaster Rik's version of events. Click on 'The Kawasaki Incident'.

Basically, we were driving in town when two motorcyclists swerved dangerously in front of us, causing us to honk at them twice. They then started following our car and knocking it telling us to stop. We obviously were pretty nervous about the situation and wondered what to do. Then they claimed they were Police. Flashed a card at us too. So we decided to stop and confront them, since we didn't want them harassing us all night.

They started flexing their muscles and acting arrogant with us, showing how 'powerful' they are. We wouldn't take any of it. Asked for their badge numbers. They refused and became defensive. Hailed a patrol car down to prove they really were policemen. They still refused to give us their badge numbers. The uniformed patrol policemen (who were calm and more professional) settled the issue and left. The bikers had no option but to leave us because they clearly knew they were abusing their power.

I was very indignant at their behaviour and promised to take this matter seriously. After all, if it happened to us, it could happen to lots of others. And not many others have the access to top officials that we do.

This is a little something that I can do to help the ailing public police system in our country, and I'll do what I can to make it a place people want to stay in and fight for, rather than leave for Australia at the slightest sign of trouble.

ps. Just got a call from an officer to make an appointment for further details tomorrow evening. I hope this officer is receptive and treats us with respect.

Doesn't it suck that we have to worry about our police officers not being respectful towards us?

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frachely said...

Indeed. Isnt it scary if we can't even trust the gov/police in protecting us? grr