Monday, February 02, 2009

A CNY quickie

Firstly, a shout-out to Lapsap Kel for leaving a one-liner of encouragement. It was such an effort and I appreciate it.

Okay, it's Chinese New Year and there's nothing else to do when you visit people's homes than to gamble.

I lost my own money when I played it, but strangely, people seemed happy to give me their money to play with. So I did. And I won a decent amount with their money and got a share in the profits. So on the whole, I did get quite a bit of money this CNY. How awesome is that? It's like profit-sharing... you don't bear the losses but you get the profits.

On Friday night (30 Jan) I had a gathering at my place. Loads of people turned out which was really great! They split themselves into the blackjack group and poker group. I had no time to gamble since I was hosting, and I also really wanted to talk to the people who weren't playing since I hadn't seen some of them in years! The most interesting dude who turned up was ex-schoolmate Wes who at one time we all thought died of drug overdose... but who is now actually a Muay Thai welterweight champion in Canada! What a change, eh?

It was really great catching up with everyone who came that night and I'd like to yell a big THANK YOU to you guys!

Unfortunately, no pictures.

CNY is actually a great time to catch up with old friends... last night, I went to visit Nat Sugarlips at home (haha... I wonder if you'll like that nickname, Nat!) and ended up playing lots of poker and winning him some moolah. Also met a couple of ex-schoolmates there, one of whom is a kinda local celebrity... and I'm a tad embarrassed not to know that, but in my defence, the local entertainment scene is not very well-promoted.

Okay, I'm bloody hungry now and Quebec Jo wants to meet up for coffee in 2 hours so off I go. Photos from my Penang CNY trip coming up shortly!


- t ! m s t [o] n e - said...

i declare that the hostess was indeed entertaining. especially after a couple of drinks :p

Lapsap Kel ( really?) said...

Wonderful host.

However i think i'm losing my memory way faster than i'd hope, or i am not really Lapsap ...

What one liner ?