Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday at Zouk KL

Last Friday I went to Zouk for Tequila Lin's colleague's birthday. Didn't know anyone but her and Schrobbenmaster Rik, but thought it'd be a good opportunity to meet new people.

As is the norm (for Malaysian-Chinese yuppies), it was Phuture that we all headed to. I hung out there for a bit, then decided to take a look round the other rooms with Schrobbenmaster Rik. Steve Lawler was spinning in the mainroom. Stayed there for a few minutes, but it didn't get any better so we left for Barsonic.

Barsonic was much more awesome and we ended staying there the entire night (apart from occasional forays back to Phuture to not seem antisocial!). Bumped into a few friends, and Schrobbenmaster Rik met a fellow Dutchman who looks like Keith Urban. As the good wingman he is (or trying to be), he pointed me out to Keith, but apparently I was too busy staring at the bar so we didn't get introduced. I've proper nagged Schrobbenmaster Rik about that already.

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