Monday, February 16, 2009

PHOTOS: Recent Gatherings #1

My stupid internet has been very picky over which sites I get to visit over the past weekend. Luckily for them, everything's up and running again today. So here are some photos from a few of the get-togethers over the last week or so.

First off was my CNY party at the end of January (5th day). Here's Stryker Nins helpfully cleaning up my house cuz he was just so grateful to be invited to my party. Okay, he's actually mopping up the beer that Kenny T spilt. I didn't manage to get a pic of him wiping the floor with a rag, looking like Cinderella. Dang.

Just check out the sultry expression on his face in both pictures!

At the end of the night it was just the 5 of us left: A, Schrobbenmaster Rik, Dan The Drinker, Tequila Lin and me. Since the two of them are looking so civilised, I'm guessing the infamous *ahem* incident hasn't happened...

This looks more like it.

No comment. I don't remember this photo being taken.


The day before Valentine's, on Friday, Tequila Lin and I hung out at Dan The Drinker's for some board games. Here's Dan The Drinker and Schrobbenmaster Rik having an argument on how to draw the word "downstairs". I know... quite intellectual, aren't they?

"I'm sorry we argued, Daniel, please sit a little closer to me."

Gotta love their expressions!

I think Tequila Lin was feeling a little exhausted from all the text messaging with a certain someone. Hehe...

Schrobbenmaster Rik was the one who started the portrait drawing frenzy!

Dan's laughing at the drawing... but can he do any better? Let's scroll down...

That's Dan The Drinker's representation of Tequila Lin (top) and me.

Schrobbenmaster Rik's attempt at drawing Dan. This is my favourite!! Check out the walrus nose and receding forehead. Plus the schoolbus-shaped profile.

Schrobbenmaster Rik by Dan The Drinker. I love this too.

Me by Schrobbenmaster Rik. Hmm...

Tequila Lin by moi. She finally succumbed to her boredom at our drawing game.


Oh gawd, there are more??!!

On Valentine's Day, I had dinner with the girls at Sharry Berry's place. We had special Singlong Fried Rice, courtesy of Mumsy Bumsy's recipe.

Sharry Berry was Professional Long Bean Cutter. I was Professional Fryer, and Quebec Jo was Professional Recipe Reader. Look how seriously she's taking her job! :P

Quebec Jo and Teng, who's boyfriend was off for a 2-hour massage that night. Don't ask, I don't know either. Hehe.

I know... not the best picture of Ryan, but I realised I didn't have a photo of the special Fried Rice, and by the time we yelled at him to stop eating... he'd already wolfed down most of it.

Our reward for all the cutting and frying - Sara Lee Chocolate Bavarian.

After a nice and filling dinner, we headed to town for some alco-fueled cheer :)

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