Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Was rudely awoken early this morning by someone from UOB Bank telling me that I had to bank in some money for my mum to top up the balance so her cheque wouldn't bounce. Apparently they couldn't get hold of her all morning so they contacted me.

Was a little suspicious so kept calling my mum to confirm it. And yes it was true, so it wasn't a scam. But what a good scam it would have been! Call at 9.15am and say that I have to bank in a small amount of money, say RM10-50, and that I have to do it by 10am. So there's hardly any time to double check anything even if you are suspicious.

Anyway, I had my hair cut yesterday... not sure what to think of it. I don't instantly love it, but I think it's better than the overgrown mop I had before.

Leaving my place in a bit to pick up two cheques... TWO CHEQUES!!! Yayy... I can finally pay some people back. Tequila Lin's brother is coming back from Langkawi today and hopefully he brought back a bottle of Grey Goose for me. I asked for Chopin as well, but poor thing probably can't bring back so many bottles. One's good enough, anyway!

Gambling at Dan the Drinker's tonight... la di da!!! It'll be my first time at his new place, and I'll try to remember to bring my camera so at least this blog has some pics from CNY this year.

Okay shucks I have to go get dressed now for cheque collection - and a brief (hopefully) meeting with Slavedriver.

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