Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Randoms.

It's amazing how Jay Manuel can keep bleaching his hair and still have hair.


I was having coffee with Sugarlips Nat this evening at Starbucks 1U, when the couple behind him caught my eye. Well, to be technically accurate, it was a male and a female, and they weren't a couple... yet.

The girl was attractive, fully made-up, dressed in hotpants and a stylish top, and 'f**k me' slip-on heels. She clearly wanted to impress this boy... this boy who thought it would be appropriate to go out for coffee with a hot girl dressed in board shorts and t-shirt.

You know what... boys are lucky that (most) girls are not completely into appearances and always look for the inner man.


I finally had my car washed yesterday and picked up some groceries. Sometimes it's fun sitting in the Car Wash machine and watching the thing do its thang... yesterday though, it was boring. Cuz I was in the mood for Radiohead, and I can't sing along to Radiohead. Thank goodness for groceries. Had a nice little picnic in my car.

Unfortunately, after that, I left Bangsar at a bad time... rush hour! Some of you know I really hate being in traffic jams. But it's not nearly so bad when you have a tube of Pringles and a big bottle of water in the car.

I wonder if... we were in a really bad jam on the highway, say, and we called McDonald's McDelivery... would they deliver to you right there? I think people would be a lot more patient if they could have a picnic in their cars while stuck in a jam. Maybe McD's could even make it a sort of charity thing. A "Do your bit for road rage and road accidents" kinda thing.

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Mumsy said...

cool McD PR campaign... call them :)