Monday, March 02, 2009

Last week round-up

So anyway, the police came and got my formal report. They were really nice... I believe they're from Internal Affairs. And they haven't contacted me for further information, so I guess that episode is over. What a relief! It was a good experience, though. I suggest to anyone else out there, if you're unhappy with any of the police services, just go ahead and make a report. We should be able to feel safe in the presence of our police force here, so people, do your part and give back to this country!


What else is new?

I've started teaching an art class for kids at my ballet school (which is actually a performing arts school, teaching music, drama, art and dance). I've been teaching about 3 weeks already, and it's getting better. At first, the kids were a nightmare! But I think they're getting used to me being there and being in charge. I've been taking some photos of their finished artwork, so I might put them up here some time in the future (when I'm not feeling so lazy).

Have I mentioned that I've taken up jazz dance classes? If not, then yeah, I have. Two weeks going now, and it's been really great to be able to dance something else other than ballet. It gives more freedom than ballet and I think it just helps me get used to moving around the dancefloor and express myself through the movement.


And onto the usual stuff...

Last Saturday was a big night at Zouk. The place was heaving! Everyone was trying to get into Phuture and Barsonic. We wanted to enter Barsonic, but they'd blocked entry for a while as it was too packed inside. We eventually did get in, though, and omg was it hot and sweaty in there! Thankfully, tall Schrobbenmaster Rik spotted a section which had less people, so we moved in there and enjoyed a reprieve from the hot and sweaty breaths of the Barsonicers.

It was Shinichi Osawa up there, which A was really hyped up about. I'd never heard of him, but he seems to be hot stuff, and his DJing was great. Had so much fun there!

After it all, we went back outside and I found all my friends friendly and tipsy from their night at Phuture. It was quite funny really. Then bumped into another old acquaintance at the exit, almost didn't recognise him! All in all, a great night and worth the lack of sleep it entailed.

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