Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back to my routine Saturday!

I realised last night that I hadn't been out clubbing/barring in a long time when I had my first lychee martini at Luna and found it to be extra strong. Took me far too long to finish it, but then, I was also trying to make it last as long as possible so that I didn't have to order another drink before Regs (who's back from Australia for a few days) and her boyfriend Lorimer arrived.

However, I had such a great time chatting with A that I just ended up finishing it - and received a snobby dirty look from the bartender when I told him I wouldn't be ordering another.

The four of us who were there first, Tequila Lin, Rik the Dutchman, A and I, were sat at the bar, and our friend If the bartender gave us a round of tequila shots, much to Tequila Lin's delight, I expect! Then after I finished my martini, the snobby-dirty-look bartender served up a delicious milky liqueur-filled cocktail for me... and a more manly drink for A. How brilliant... three drinks for the price of one!

When Regs and Lorimer arrived, they got their drinks and took a little tour of Luna and its spectacular views of the KL Tower and Twin Towers. It wasn't very happening up there so we left soon after to Changkat, where we met Sharry Berry and some other friends at Werner's.

I'm not a fan of Werner's so we only stayed for a glass of beer (which A amazingly - or worryingly? - chugged down in a couple of gulps), and adjourned to, where else... twentyone.

Great night!! Ooh, and a public holiday for Selangor tomorrow... sweeeeet!!

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