Thursday, February 05, 2009

Money talks, not dresses.

I'm just about to leave the house to get my hair chopped off. No idea what style I want yet, but William had better be having a good day today.

The initial plan for today was to visit a (relatively established) fashion designer to help her out with some patterns she wanted redone digitally, and to tutor her a bit in Adobe Illustrator. She was ever so long-winded when I spoke to her last week, but we finally settled on a day to do it. Then she calls a few days later to tell me that she has to postpone it a day later, so I said that's fine, but where are the patterns you were supposed to email me prior to our appointment? I needed them in order to write up a quotation for her.

When she heard that I had yet to give her a quotation she hesitated and said "Quotation?" and I was like, yes... a quotation for my services. And she said "I thought I'd give you a dress to contra your services".

Okay... if you're Donatella, Giorgio, Alexander, Marc or John, I'd be right in there and say wahooey yeah, that sounds great! But no, you're not... so please... give me money! Well, I just told her that I would have to look at her latest collection and decide for myself. I'm not going to do work and then be given any dress that I might never wear (unless it's a piece from any of the above designers). Not a fair deal, in my opinion!

No word from her since.

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