Saturday, August 01, 2009

The new lamp

Remember the lamp we carried back from Amsterdam? And biked to the far reaches of Rotterdam to find bulbs for? Here it is in its full glory.

Didn't do much yesterday, mostly slept actually. Had a siesta in the afternoon, dunno why I was feeling so sleepy. I did manage to finish Regs' wedding invitation and send it off, which got the feedback I wanted, so that's great. Also browsed local interactive and multimedia agencies' websites to jot down some design ideas and to see the standard of design I'm up against. Saw some nice things, but mostly pretty regular. I'm expecting more from the ad agencies though. Gonna surf them tonight.

Bluetooth on my iBook is refusing to work again, which means I have to restart it. So I only managed to upload this one photo of the lamp which was already on the hard drive. More photos tomorrow!

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