Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photos for Scheveningen, Madurodam and Den Haag

Word of the day: beker = mug

Okay, so about a week ago I wrote about going to the beach with Schrobbenmaster's parents. We first went to Scheveningen to walk on the beach.

This looks pretty exotic (à la Europe, not in the tropical island sense obviously), kinda like what Agatha Christie would've written about in her books of crime on the beach.

Seagull burying his legs in the sand.

After Scheveningen, we went to Madurodam, to visit the little models of Dutch cities. A must-see for tourists. Although I must warn that a round of the little cities take longer than expected because the place is bigger (heheh) than meets the eye.

Nice architecture for Mumsy Bumsy to see that Netherlands can be quaint and pretty too, despite all my complaints.

Giant crow staking claim to the city.

After Madurodam, we went into Den Haag (The Hague) city centre to hunt for a place to have dinner. As mentioned previously, we had a really nice one at La Connaisseur, and then a stroll back to the car.

Oh, this was before dinner, just in front of the Prime Minister's office. Kind of a reluctant photo op on my part.

And after dinner, the van der Kroons looking into a shop.

That's it for now, folks!

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