Saturday, August 15, 2009

Winter beckons

Word of the day: uitverkoop = sale! (as in, discount)

"It's getting darker earlier.", Schrobbenmaster remarked.

Winter's coming... uh oh!

I have no boots and no woolly jacket ready. For the first time in my fashion-conscious life, I believe I have absolutely no idea what kind of boots I want. Time to look before they remove the "Uitverkoop" signs from the shop windows!

We went out today to look for a proper laundry basket. We've so far been tossing all laundry into the lowest shelf of a closet made of flimsy white material on wheels. Needless to say, laundry comes spilling out easily as some people are sometimes too lazy to chuck them in properly.

Since the flimsy closet has been donated away (not regretfully), we decided to make some improvements to the closet/laundry situation. Moved a small chest of drawers that was kinda in the way to where the closet used to be, and the room looked instantly better. And now with the new laundry basket...


The room looks nice and cosy!

(We had to look in 6 stores before finally heading to the store near home and finding exactly what we were looking for - rattan for me, and fabric inside for him).

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