Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot days in Rotterdam, Montie and the new keuken

Dutch products for you blog readers.

Vla - a sort of yogurt/cream food/mousse. People normally buy the vanille and chocolade separately and pour them in together. I just like the chocolade (as usual). Schrobbenmaster has the vanille with apple sauce when I've finished all the chocolade vla heehee.

Okay now my photos are gonna be a bit jumbled up because I've amassed such a lot of them and have obviously been slacking in posting them up on the blog. So just bear with the mess in chronological order. Not that it should bother anyone since no one but me knows when these pictures were taken. Bah, I'm rambling. Must be my bloatedness driving me a little cuckoo.

Finally, a picture of the finished kitchen blackboard, and the cleaned-up mess.

Felt like something western-y, so we made pork ribs and broccoli with kerrie sauce. I think kerrie is curry, though. Non-spicy.

Last week was a really hot week in Rotterdam. A real summer's week. We went out on Wednesday for Schrobbenmaster's hair appointment with Montie.

Nice little salon with a huge mirror and silver/black accessories. He provides tea and pastries (I assume so, since there was only one pastry left on the silver tray), how cosy! Random music playing though.

A hot, sunny day attracts all the mat sallehs out to get sunburnt.

New haircut boy explaining the old photos of Rotterdam city centre.

Need shade! Need shade! And ice coffee...

Mmm...! Ice coffee and cooling down...

Upside-down special pork with rice. I'd made it the night before and then packed it into tupperwares, so we just turned them over and had a nice meal.

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