Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Apartment: A restaurant review!

Went to The Apartment at Curve last night with BakerJo.

I liked the place and service - until I found out that they don't sell bottles of liquor! So unless we want a Get Drunk Party on wine (which we half had on GDP I), guess we won't be going there. Besides, BakerJo commented that she thinks it's more a youngies, collegey hangout place. Which is a turn off for me!

I wonder why.

Is it because there is then no one new to meet, or maybe my group make so much noise and the youngies would just sit around sipping cocktails in their fancy, hip outfits and lend a slightly pretentious air to the place? Gah, what do I know?

Anyway, the place had nice chillout music, although I wish it was a bit deeper and funkier... but then, hey, when I was in college, I listened to Café del Mar-esque slow calm music too. The dude who served us wasn't very good in English so had to rephrase my sentences a few times to get him to understand, but it was okay. Although, at one point when we were ordering dessert, the conversation went like this:

Dude: The chocolate mousse and strawberry peach pavlova is nice.
BakerJo: Okay, I'd like to order a Strawberry Peach Pavlova please.
Dude: Yes, the strawberry peach pavlova is nice.
BakerJo: Yeah, it sounds nice.
Dude: It sounds and tastes nice!
Me: Is the chocolate pudding nice too?
Dude: Yes, also the chocolate pudding is nice.
Me: Ooookay, I'll have the chocolate pudding please.
Dude: Okay, just one? (without writing anything on his paper)
Me: Uhh.. yes!

What, there were only two of us there and he thought she was gonna have a pavlova and I was gonna have two puddings to myself? Hmmmm......

In the end, we realised. The dude had only ordered one dessert! What was all that conversation about the pavlova sounding and tasting nice? For fun? Gah... anyway, BakerJo's pavlova came 20 minutes after mine! And mine had already taken 10 minutes to make.

Besides that, the food was nice. Just right. And I surprisingly had 3 courses... we ordered Vin's Portabellas (mushrooms) for starters, which should be shared cuz it's pretty big for 2 girls. I had Jamie's Duck Pasta which was good, BakerJo had steak medium rare, which was done well and she was impressed, 'cept for them slicing the steak up into chunks. Weird. And our dessert was nice too.

Prices were typical of that sort of restaurant. Affordable occasionally for the broke 20-something that I am.

Well, that's it for now. Going out tonight to celebrate Merdeka. Will see how it goes.

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