Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slitty eyes for Frogway

Got free tickets to watch Frogway at BSC tomorrow.

Hoping it's good... even though Harith Iskandar is in it. Have pretty much disliked him since he tried cutting the queue to enter Bukit Jalil stadium for a concert. Yes, he tried to cut my car right in front of the gates to the stadium and I was bloody pissed off at the brazenness. Not even bloody embarrassed. The rest of us are paying to watch this concert as well, alright? If you come later than the car in front of you, suck it up!

(And it wasn't even like he was waiting outside for an opening to sneak in, he was actually forcing his way in front, which I consider to be even ruder)

See the perils of being famous? Do something wrong and I'll always remember you for it. Tomorrow I'll be watching the show and hoping that it's good fun - but every time Harith comes on it'll be slitty eyes from me, to him.

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Carrot said...

hey hey tell me if it's good. the poster makes it look quite promising.