Saturday, August 25, 2007

Frogway, my review!

Just got back from watching Frogway at BSC.

I would say, definitely watch the show if you can afford the tickets. They're not cheap and I wouldn't have been able to afford to go (me being a broke 20-something) if the tickets hadn't been given to me by a friend. So I don't know if I found it brilliant BECAUSE I didn't have to pay?

But here's my two sen worth.

The cast is brilliant. I've to say the girls outdid the guys in their performances. A few of them absolutely became their characters - Elaine Daly (Susannah Stork) and Chelsia Ng (Shirley the Frogette) were awesome. Of the guys, right now, I am SO attracted to Ash Nair (Freddy the Toad). He looked and performed brilliantly. Vince (Eddy the Frog, the star of the show) was good and even managed to put in some of himself into a typically clichéd character, making Eddy somewhat cute and not boringly predictable.

On the whole, the cast has great voices and technique (to this common ear of mine). And now we come to, of course... Harith IskandEr (of whom I spelt as IskandAr earlier, sorry bout that, didn't know).

I don't know if I'm being prejudiced here, but I felt he was the weakest of the ensemble, when he should really have owned the stage - being the bad guy and one of the more experienced onstage. I felt that he was physically tired somehow. And he didn't own his character, especially as (poor thing) he was always acting alongside Elaine Daly, of whom I have to say, was my favourite of the show (Chelsia was wonderful as a Japanese, but Elaine really seemed to have brought her own thing to the Stork).

So, yeah, I think you should go watch it, Carrot. Especially since you can afford the best seat in the house heheheh... besides, it's for a good cause, in support of Azean Irdawaty, who's undergoing treatment for cancer. She made an appearance today... very courageous woman and a huge inspiration for sufferers and families of sufferers, I feel. Seeing her has made me feel like I could tackle something like that if it ever happened to me or a loved one. Although, of course, I wouldn't want to have to (tackle it).

And yes, I did give slitty eyes to Mr Iskander.

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Carrot said...

haha ok will let you know what i think if/when i watch it!