Sunday, August 19, 2007

What Men Look For

What do men look for in females? And this has been researched.

According to Allan and Barbara Pease, men look for, in order: Personality, Good Looks, Brains, Humour and Good Body (I think this is for men who are looking for a proper relationship, men who aren't asses, like Spencer in The Hills).

So, anyway, this morning, in church, I had an epiphany. You know how girls always complain that guys just go for looks... and looking at that list above, seems that girls' looks are more important than brains to a guy. And I think I know why now, and why girls shouldn't complain about it.

See, more girls than guys take pride in their appearance. It's not for the guys, it's for themselves, and for other girls. Haven't I always commented that there are so many more good-looking girls than guys? This is true in KL, at least (I know in Rome, the guys are HOT. Just plain HOT!). And this is the reason guys put more priority on looks than girls! There is a higher chance of a guy's mate having a better looking missus than his, so they make sure they find a suitable contender. As for the girls, they have to put looks as a lower priority, because there simply aren't that many lookers to go round. Hehe... am I being slightly mean here? I think there is some truth in this though!

You know what would improve a guy's chances, if he ain't a looker? Be charming! Pay loads of attention to the girl! Unless, of course, you get clear signs that she thinks you're scum.

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