Friday, August 24, 2007

Holidays soon

Am so looking forward to the end of September.

Not only is it Elle's and Arran's birthday, it's also when Grandpa G comes to visit! That usually is enough to make me hop, skip and jump all the way to the airport, but there is one more reason this time... we're going to Phuket!

Sharry Berry, GT, Teng, Nain, Fatts, Nins and Choons are in the trip as well, so that's gonna be brilliant! Was surfing last night for things to do in Phuket and have now started getting really excited about it. I suppose from thinking of what to buy there.

But anyway, it's a month more, and there's work to be done before that, so I'd better start doing it!

Oh, one more thing, the I Am A Japanese School Teacher link is back on my page! Check it out on the bottom of the sidebar. It's a brilliant, funny editorial on a foreigner's life in Japan. He also updates really often - nearly every day - so don't worry about getting hooked... he'll deliver!

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