Thursday, August 23, 2007

The café downstairs

Such a beautiful, blustery day today.

Got up at 12.30pm today. Amazing! Of course there was some guilt there :S But I came straight to the office and the reason I'm online now is to upload a website I've just finished. So there! I've been doing work!

I also decided to try out the café downstairs instead of calling McDonald's Delivery. Figured it'd be much cheaper and more charitable. After all, I'm going to be needing them pretty often since I don't cook and Grandpa G's only here twice a year!

So I go down and peruse the menu. Cis! There ain't nothin' much here, is there? I yelled at the Indon lady. Just kidding... well at least I found out that their food, while not cheap, is still cheaper than ordering McD's. Although at McD's, for extra RM3 (which is used for delivery charge anyway) I can get a drink. Which is one item more than they give me down at the café.

I also found out that they have WiFi! Cool! I can bring my tiny laptop down and surf. 'Cept I have to buy food and drinks... I suppose they aren't as big and rich as Starbucks is. Yet. And delivery to my doorstep costs an extra RM1. What the... my doorstep is just one lift ride away! Might as well save that RM1 and buy some junk food.

Malaysian Devil has a really naughty post today. He says his girlfriend can't do long distance relationships and all that jazz, but it sounds like his body can't take it either. Haha. And no english translation please, Charly!

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