Saturday, September 01, 2007


So we went to Marketplace on Thursday night to usher in Merdeka.

...cut to 5 hours later...hehe...

As I don't have a lot of time to write this, long story short, there were no fireworks at the Twin Towers!! What a huge disappointment to its many fans at Marketplace! So what was left to do but to drink?

And drink we did. 'Cept for me, cuz I'm not a fan of beer, and it seems there was an unending flow of Carlsberg at our table. I did have two glasses, though, cuz I WON'T BE LEFT OUT! But still didn't enjoy it.

Anyway, that's the update for Merdeka. I think Timstone was having a good time chatting (up?) with some girls there. Hehe. Sorry no pix...

Okay, off to Bangsar now. See y'all.

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