Monday, June 30, 2014

Homemaking with photo frames

For a couple of years now, my original drawings have been displayed on the small area of wall next to the window, just bare paper unprotected from the sunlight, hanging only by blue tack on the four corners, the ink fading and little bugs dying behind them, flattened by the quick as lightning paws of Lucy the cat.

Finally, though, we've decided to do something about it. About three weekends ago, we headed to IKEA to buy some frames to slow down the decaying level of my artwork. And finally, yesterday, we started putting them up.

Long story short, we discovered we only had two photo-hanging hooks instead of the eight we needed. So... only two frames are up, and the rest is to be continued...

Every successful project starts with careful planning.

Every successful homemaker has a cat who watches over everything.

We eventually got tired of squatting and standing up, and we needed to know exact measurements compared to the wall. So we did what every tech geek and designer does. Take photos and start designing in Photoshop.

Lucy wanting to give us her input on the layout.

Rik at work on Photoshop. This isn't the final layout, by the way.

After the planning comes the realisation of the plan. Here are the two proudly on display, waiting for their brothers and sisters to join them the moment our Tesa Powerstrips arrive in the post.

Lucy just can't resist a good piece of paper to sit on.

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