Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Off to Paree!!

The pictures below messed up the layout of my page! For the flooble and other links that used to be on the right, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Just want to inform everyone that I'm off to Paris tomorrow morning from Birmingham. Will be staying at Montmartre, arty village that I hope will live up to my expectations! Also will see Charly again after a year. I wonder if he'll look any different??! :)

It's been pretty cold today because the sun never came out from behind the clouds. Didn't do much today either, just planned the trip, read my Harry Potter book, washed the dishes... went to Shrewsbury again to get a new car tax disc for Grandpa G. Shrewsbury looks more arty than the last time I saw it...

I'm really looking forward to watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! I watched Fantastic Four two days ago. It was........ alright, I guess.

Au revoir! A bientot!! (Sorry no accents above the letters, for those who mind... no french keyboard here.)

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