Friday, October 21, 2005

... and that was the end of my phone.

Someone stole my phone!

And don't wonder where I put it, because I don't go "putting" my phone on tables and places everywhere. It just slipped out of my bag in the changing room of a certain FCUK outlet (grrrr...) in PJ. Well, at least that's the only place it could've been stolen cuz that was the first and last place I put my bag down until I found out it'd gone. Moreover, I spent a good 20 more minutes in the shop after the changing room, before I left, but no salesgirls had anyone pass them a 'lost' phone.

Either that, or someone pickpocketed me really well.

But can you believe people like these who don't have a conscience about taking other people's things, especially something expensive like a handphone? Do they think that people with a handphone can afford to buy another one just to replace the one they lost? Do they think the person they stole from is more privileged and wealthier than them? Are they stupid?

I certainly hope none of my blog readers have or would ever commit such a foul and unfair action against their fellow humans.

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