Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy again!

I'm having one heck of a week this coming week. I've got a quiz, plus an essay draft (very heavy one, that) and lots of other things, so I won't be uploading any pics this week. I'll be so relieved to get to Singapore for Cirque du Soleil on Saturday!

Been to watch Dukes of Hazzard and Lords of Dogtown... oh! And something new! I got a fish! He's a betta (fighting fish) called Bo (after Bo Duke). He's such a lovely thing with a great personality - except he keeps spitting his stupid pellets out. So I had to get him blood worms.

Now I'm thinking of getting two zebra finches (I bet my mom is freaking out now). I'll name one Stacy (after Stacy Peralta!) and the other Jay. I want two males cuz I don't want any breeding!! Just reading up on them first before I decide. Will keep this blog posted!

I'll be back with pics of Bo soon as well.

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