Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cool, drizzly Saturday morning @ Telford

Okay haven't got long because I'm off to Stokesay Castle, "England's most perfectly preserved fortified 13th century manor house" and one of the Historic Jewels of Shropshire. Ooooooo....

So here are the pics from before. These are not all. Haven't finished transferring the recent ones. These are from Ludlow mostly. I think... Monday.

Hmm... something's gone wrong with my image hosting service, so I can't see them pics. I'll just add subtitles in case they appear later so that you guys can see em. Ciao!

Meerkat from Hoo Farm (leftover pix)

Wallaby at Hoo Farm. Very friendly.

Tyrley Locks. Very peaceful canal. I really loved it. Saw lots of little boats with families going on round-England trips with their lovely dogs.

Welsh Bridge at Shrewsbury.

Scenes of the areas in Ludlow, small quiet country town. Found it TOO quiet for me though.

A pigeon in a nest on the steps in one of the towers of Ludlow Castle!! So cute!!

Scenes in Ludlow Castle. Quite impressive.

Scenes from the top of Ludlow Castle of surrounding areas.

Pix of moi in Ludlow town and in the castle.

Moreton Corbet, some castle we encountered in our travels.

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Anonymous said...

good pics of castle..reli nice..v nostalgic for top n new bag ah?