Sunday, December 18, 2005

Apple's not all bad

I was driving in my car and thinking how irritating copy-protected CDs are. I love ripping my CDs and having hundreds and thousands of them in my computer so that I can play them anytime without having to search high and low for the CD case, find out it's empty, then discover the actual CD face down under the bed filled with scratches and dog chew marks.

Especially if it's a limited edition, or a particularly precious album by my favourite group bought during my travelling.

So I am a big opposer of copy-protected CDs, which don't really serve much function anymore because ding ding ding! Apple's current iTunes 4.7 I think... or 4.8... oh maybe it's 5. Well, their current one anyway - rips all types of CDs! Hallelujah! So Apple's not all that bad after all.

Thank you.

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Jadus IV said...


Actually the current version of itunes is 6.

Anyways I liked your blog and I am 22 also isnt that crazy the world is crazy.