Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wish List Christmas 2005

Alright! Another year has passed and therefore I have the most dreadful job of producing another wish list for this Christmas. What a drag asking for things you want, isn't it?

Not in any particular order:

  1. Merde Actually by Stephen Clarke [GOT IT ALREADY]
  2. Calvin and Hobbes and Weirdos from Another Planet
  3. The Return of the King Extended DVD set
  4. Enid Blyton's Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage and Mystery of Holly Lane
  5. Nice looking trash cans [Updated!]
  6. A job in Manchester
  7. The Sims 2 for PC or Mac ORIGINAL Version
  8. Any Sims 2 ORIGINAL expansion pack
  9. Foyle's War DVD Box Set any season (I didn't specify "original" *ahem ahem*)
  10. Sex & The City DVD Box Set any season
  11. A good French tutor that doesn't charge RM120 an hour
  12. A nice leather purse [Updated!]

Hmm... my mind seems to have gone blank at this point, so this is my list thus far. Check back often, those of you who're planning to get me gifts ;)

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